Service Dog Training & Certification


Our training facility, K-9 Companions is a for-profit entity that has been training service dogs for nearly 40 years. For many years, K-9 Companions has been accepting Veteran referrals and funding from Semper FI to train service dogs for disabled Veterans. In recent years Semper Fi funding has been greatly reduced, preventing low income Veterans from acquiring service companions as an additional holistic measure to ease the transition back to normal civilian life. Despite reductions in Semper Fi funding, K-9 Companions continued providing "In Kind Training Services" to Veterans in our local communities. In 2017, K-9 Companions established K9 Companions Inc., a registered non-profit that would continue to provide trained service animals to Military/Veterans, and to raise the necessary funding to provide these services at no cost to heroes suffering from debilitating disorders. 




Laura Gwin

Entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, animal rights activist. 

Owner of K-9 Companions Dog Training Facility, a business that has been in operation for over 30 years and has trained hundreds of service dogs.

Board of Directors


The Board of Directors at K9 Companions Inc. is committed to advancing its mission through its guidance and various contributions to the organization. The Board is compromised of the following members:

Diane Vaughn

Operations/General Manager for K-9 Companions Training Facility

Nick Jax Slater

Actor/Business Owner/Animal Rights Activist

Allan Barclay

Riverside County Business Owner/General Contractor

Laura Gwin

Founder K9 Companions Inc.

President K-9 Companions

Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist/Animal Rights Activist


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